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insight - ترحيب

dinner time in detroit

Whatever you do, where ever you were, or who ever you met, are you also looking for a feeling to be satisfied in knowledge? Do you also know that there must be more in the outside world and everything around you couldn't be all in life ... ?
I' am someone who is looking for answers to understand our environment, by the strongest key to happiness: Knowledge. At first, I want to decode us self-called humans ..! ;-)

These pages are still in memory and for thankfulness of a great time with my friends Cindy, Eva and Margit (Singapore 2005)

Mourning - الحداد

Magdeburg - November 17th, 2014
WD170 Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel. I will miss you, Nadine. We will miss you. Everyone who knows you.

Sardinia - سردينيا

Olbia/ Mediterranean Sea - October 10th, 2014
WD170 Done. Nothing more to say. Nothing more to do. Nowhere else to go. Arrived. What stays? The impression of a beautiful island, relaxing days with great food. Overall a fantastic week full of memories.

Egypt - مصر

Dahab/ Red Sea - September 16th, 2013
WD170 Canyon and Blue Hole. It was time. Time to go down. Time for personal reflections. Time for result calculation. That opens every time new perspectives. Perspectives in time and infinite space which shows us the insignificant of our being issues.

Whaleshark - وقال القرش

Indian Ocean/Tofo Beach/Gulf of Oman - September 16th, 2012
WD170 Engery is history. As for many others as well. Its a turnaround which was required for postive optimization. Chemical processes, concrete admixtures, sealing, bonding, damping, are now in. And it works. Right guidelines, good management and sharp focused environment. An environment for future communication. And these are three steps on the way to the next self reliant Pro level. Thank stageness! Thanks scuba addicts...check out some pictures!

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